Your Expectations

How We Accomplish

                We will provide a complete estimate and proposal for your project once you provide the basic outline.

v      Via Onsite Visits where necessary

v      Email specifications, photos and sketches

v      Proposals will be in Writing , Confirmed and Signed  by  both Parties

v      Timetables will be established as a part of the proposal

o        Custom Work requires adequate lead time to:

         Acquire Materials

         Order or Machine Matching Knives

         Prepare Blank Stock (Curved work allow at least two more weeks)

         Back Relief wide stock to avoid cupping

         Sand flat surfaces for Stain Quality

o        Plan on minimum of 3 to 6 weeks once Proposal is accepted

v      Completed Work will be delivered/shipped to your site

v      Quantity Limitations

o        None. If you need 1ft of molding and are prepared to pay we will make it.

o        Pricing will be based on Time required for:




o        Significant Discounts will be applied for orders in excess of 1,000 Lineal Feet of Molding