Our Requirements

Where, When & How much

                Finished orders are shipped FOB from our shop based on the following

v      Non Refundable Deposit

o        50% of Estimate

o        Payable at time of Order

o        PayPal, Credit Card, Cash or Good Check Only (see online payment page)

v      Timing of Orders will be based on Estimates

o        Work will not begin until Deposit is received and cleared

o        With exceptions for

         Delays in acquiring materials

         Significant Equipment malfunctions, etc.

o        Notice of Delays will be in writing as soon as known

v      Pricing will be stated specifically in each Order based on:

o        Lumber Prices Current Retail Price per Board Foot (List to Voluminous to include here)

o        Labor Hourly Rates

         Milling - $ 30.00 ( At Least One Hour Minimum)

         Setup - $ 30.00 (At Least One Hour Minimum)

o        Shipping FOB -1486 Double Church Rd, Stephens City, VA

         UPS Ground Available

v      COD (Cash on Delivery) on All Orders NO EXCEPTIONS

o        Final Payment in Full (see online payment page)

o        Must be received and cleared prior to shipment