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Products on this page are generally ready for immediate sale and can be produced and ready for shipment in less than a week at the latest. Orders will be confirmed within 24 hours and along with a confirmed shipping date

v    Corn Hole Sets (Available Now)

o      Made to standard specifications

o      Include 8 Bags (4 of two different colors of your choice as shown)

o      Flat Rate Shipping within the following states: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, DC and Pennsylvania

o      Unpainted or Painted White

o      Bags of High Quality Duck material

o      Special Orders Available - Call or Email

Local Shipping Notice:
If you live in the Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia Area (15 to 20 Mile radius of Stephens City) we provide Local delivery for a nominal fee of $10.00. You will be charged the full flat rate shipping fee at the time of checkout but the difference will be refunded to your account at the time of shipment.

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Corn Hole Set - Unpainted Board CH-1
$90.22 + shipping

Bag Colors

Corn Hole Set - Painted White Board CH-2
+ shipping

Bag Color

Corn Hole Boards Only Unpainted No Bags  CH-3
+ shipping

Corn Hole Boards Only Painted White No Bags CH-4
+ shipping

Corn Hole Bags Only 8 (4 each Color) CB-1
+ shipping

Bag Colors


Ankle Biter Corn Hole

Ankle Biter Corn Hole Set
Games especially designed for the toddler up to about 7 or 8 years old. Makes a great game for children either indoors or out. Boards are half the size of the Adult Regulation boards.
$49.99 + shipping
Comes with 2 boards and 8 bags (4 each of two different colors). Colors include red, black, grey, yellow, blue, maroon and green. Bags are 4"x4" and contain approx. 1/2 lb. corn.
Note: Boards can be special ordered with custom decals made from most any digital image. Imagine having your child's picture on a set for their birthday or some other special occasion! These special order boards cost an additional $35.00 for the decal and application. Call Maury at 540-869-2531 for more info.
Pickup locally or shipping will be $20.00 within 3-state region (VA, WV, MD). VA sales tax will apply.

Bag Color

Challenge Coin Display Rack
Species - Black Walnut, Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry. $45.00 + Shipping and Sales Tax.

This rack is 16 inches long by 4 ½ inches high by 4 inches deep and will hold 3 Rows of 6 or 7 Coins. Will ship within 3 weeks of order. Finished with 3 coats of clear satin lacquer. Originally constructed for Firefighters but will work for Military and Law Enforcement as well. We Love our Public Servants and have Grandsons in all three fields.


Wood Species

firefighter helmet

Firefighter Helmet Front Piece Display Rack $45.00 + Shipping and Sales Tax.
This rack is 30 inches long by 6½ inches high by 2½ inches deep and will hold up to 5 Fronts. Will ship within 3 weeks of order. Finished with 3 coats of clear satin lacquer.


Wood Species


v    Plaques for Game Mounts
Call 540-869-2531 to order or complete the order form on the ADMINISTRATION page.
Game Mount Plaque