Who We Are

A God Centered Family Business                                    

We hope you noticed the photo of our Little Yorkie Puppy “Delly” our Mascot. Since we have retired he has become one of the centerpieces of our lives and if we are busy and cannot come to phone it just might be that he needs to go out for a walk.

We are Betty Sue and Maury McGrew and have been retired now for about five years. One of the things that became apparent early on in retirement was that we would need to supplement our income. Maury has always had a yearning for woodworking and over the years has acquired a rather well “outfitted” shop and we thought why not tap into his talent and the resources already available. He has acquired a Molding Machine in order to finish the cabinets and hardwood floor in our home so now we want to put that to use and provide a service to the local community.

We have a large family, Six Children, Nineteen Grandchildren, and four Great Grandchild and are quite busy with Church activities. We will do our very best to provide the utmost in quality, timely service but you will need to understand that there are those in our lives that come first.

Maury grew up the youngest child in a family of seven in southern Minnesota. His daddy was a Contractor, Carpenter and Cabinetmaker. He left home early in life for the big city of Washington, DC and a career in the Federal Government but always had the desire to engage in some form of wood working. In fact he always seemed to have some project going on is his shop or remodeling some portion of the home. Since retiring he has built an addition for our daughter and son-in-law and has recently completed an addition and new kitchen at home. He admits now that he wished he had paid more attention to his Dad.

Betty Sue is the heart, soul and spirit of our home and family. She grew up back in the mountains of Tucker County West Virginia and was instrumental in raising many of the neighborhood children as well as our own. She will be the helping hands when needed and encourager always. When you call you will feel her smile as she says hello.